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Hey I'm Rynn!

Welcome, Here you'll find the stories that happen in between game sessions of the Cyberpunk game that I play in and eventually (maybe) other future games.

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Here's a list of the characters I'm playing (only the one for now)

Name: ???? aka Jynx
Age: 29
Height: 5'8"
Weight : 130 lbs
Class : Nomad

The road was her life, her motorcycle her freedom. But things happen and times change. Jynx is now a resident of Night City doing jobs for money. Coffee and whiskey serve as her fuel as she works to prove her name.

Art by: @carneiro_rpg

Cyberpunk Stories

Just Another night...I mean day

Jynx isn't a morning person...

Controlled Caution

Jynx needs a partner for a race, Ximenez doesn't know what he's in for.

Art by : @lizkreates

Wayward Mistress

A Doll comes looking for help, and just happens to find the people she needs.

Vengeful Backfire

Marv thinks he's smart.

Follow up story to Wayward Mistress

2 am

When the floor is more confortable then a bed.

Caravan Run

The Bronze Wolves ask for help escorting a caravan. The Harpies and Jynx answer the call.

Just Another Night

Author: Rynn

Jynx had woken up to her agent talking to her. A hologram of an anime girl appeared, on top of her agent.

“You know you should get up. Its 11:30.” The character said. “You have an appointment with your friends at 2 pm.” When Jynx made no move to get up. The anime character sighed and continued, “or do you want me to play the sound of an old fashion alarm in a pot. I have like 1000 versions of it.”

Jynx cracked an eye open and glared at her agent. “The last time you had an idea like that I threw you across the room.” She muttered.

“And Trinz fixed me.” The anime girl answered.

Jynx stared at the tiny human hologram that stood on her agent. She didn’t know why she bothered arguing with her every time she woke up. I guess I like it. She thought to herself.

“Get the coffee going.” Jynx muttered as she pushed herself up so that she was sitting cross legged. The blinds on the window started to open.

“Keep those closed.” Jynx yelled. A second later she added a whispered, “please.”

“Alright.” The anime figure made a move with her magic wand. The blinds closed back up. “Its sunny out, 20°c, there might be rain later tonight. No new messages, yet. Want to know the news?”

Jynx rubbed her face with her hands, she stayed seated cross legged on the bed. Her hair was poking out on all sides, the tattered oversized t-shirt hung off her shoulder revealing multiple scars. “No thanx, not right now.”

After a few minutes of sleeping sitting up, Jynx finally unfolded her legs one at a time and got up, she wavered for a second; her balance was completely off center. For a minute she stayed standing but her eyes were closed.

“Jynx, wake up.” Melo called out to her.

Jynx opened her eyes and nodded to Melo. She started to stretch lifting her arms over her head but yelped and stopped, dropping her left arm.

“Are you alright? Your vitals spiked for a second.” The anime girl moved as if she were trying to get a better look of Jynx who was holding her left shoulder. Jynx lifted her left arm slowly with her right hand until there was a sudden pop that filled the room.

“Ah fuck.” Jynx cursed as she lowered her arm back down and started to move it around slowly. “I’ll be fine.” She told the anime girl.

“Ok then.” The anime girl smiled, after a few minutes of inactivity she sat down cross legged and rested her head on her hand.

“Coffee is ready.”

Jynx moved to the kitchen counter and looked at the prepackaged meals she now owned. She had won them at a poker game. Poor sucker had lost all his money and decided to bet his lunches. No one wanted them so Jynx took the bet and won. She had enough for 10 meals. One just happened to be a “homemade” breakfast.

“Homemade my ass.” she mumbled. She pressed the button and waited for the meal to cook itself.

“Hey Melo play some music.”

“Sure!” Melo got up and waved her wand again, music filled the apartment, Melo started to dance in place. Jynx watched her with a smile. She was happy that she had downloaded this avatar despite being annoyed with her earlier.

Jynx grabbed the now hot breakfast and the coffee pot and put it on the floor beside her bike. She then grabbed her agent putting it on the seat of her bike and pushed the tools that littered the floor away making room for her to sit.

She grabbed a few bites of food and then grabbed one of her tools and started working on the bike. She pulled a plate off and reached in pulling at one of the wirers that was charred. She looked at it and where it connected.

“At least the connections are still good.” She mumbled as she reached behind her and grabbed a new wire.

“Do you need to order any replacement parts?” the anime girl perked up.

“Not yet.”

“Oh,” the girl pouted.

“I swear you like to spend my money.” Jynx shook her head and connected the wire where it belonged. She reached in deeper and grabbed another part. She twisted it out and pulled it out of the bike. She looked at it and sighed.

“I knew it.” Jynx grabbed a screw driver and a cloth and started cleaning the piece in her hands.

“What did you know?” Melo asked.
“I could hear that something was off, I got side swiped last race and I was right it knocked this piece loose. And when it’s loose it builds up dirt and oil.” Jynx explained.

“Are you going to replace the piece? Also, You should eat.” Melo commented.

Jynx had programmed Melo to remind her to eat, there was a reason why she was always hungry. Jynx grabbed the meal and took a few more bites and drank the coffee straight from the pot.

“I’m not going to replace it.” Jynx looked at the now clean piece that was on her lap. “It’s still in good condition.”

Jynx worked on the bike for another hour before putting it all back together. She then plugged in an external computer to run diagnostics. When they came back clear she turned the ignition and the bike came to life. She listened to it and when she was satisfied with what she heard she turned it off again.

Her dad had always told her you can’t trust a computer 100% but your senses never lie.

She decided that there were a couple parts she needed. Melo was happy to take the order pulling out a clip board and writing everything down, asking specifications of what Jynx needed. “The parts will arrive tomorrow.” Melo said as she completed the order.

“Ok cool.” Jynx finished her meal and took another gulp of coffee. She put the empty food container on the counter along with the coffee pot.

“I’m going to take a shower.”

“Can I open the blinds now?”Melo asked.

“Yea sure.”

Controlled Caution

Authors: Anino, Rynn
Editing by: Kris

Jynx's agent rang for a third time when she finally got to it.

“Yea,” She answered.

“JYNX!” a masculine voice screamed in reply, causing Jynx to pull it away from her ear.

“...the fuck? Why are you yelling, Tag?” Jynx yelled back, her agent still in front of her..

“Sorry girl. I'm in shit, I’ve been trying to reach you for the last 20 minutes.”

Jynx knew but had not cared to answer. Tag was a pain in the ass with too many half-baked ideas and not enough oven power to see them through.

“You’re in shit?” she asked rhetorically.

“My driver backed out of the death race tonight. I need a replacement. There’s big money on the line here.”

“Did you guarantee a First Place FInish? You dumbass. You’ll never stay out of trouble if you don’t keep your big mouth shut. I never promise first place finishes despite winning a lot of them.”

“No, no I didn’t bet on first place. I was betting on the car’s performance. I want to start selling custom rides; I got a killer business model but I need to show I’ve got the engineering chops. I got this souped up WRX ready for the race but I need a driver who’ll really put it through its paces and show my investors what my work can do. Let them know their money is going to the right man.”

“Tag, every fucking venture you put out there gets...fucked. Why don’t you get into the driver’s seat? It’s your car.”

“Jynx come on, I’m a businessman. I need to do the marketing while the car is racing. I can’t do both at the same time.”

Jynx thought about it, it’s not like she had anything to do, and she wouldn’t be risking her motorcycle.

“What were you paying your driver?”


“Cheap much? No wonder the guy backed out.” Jynx started laughing.

“How much do you want Jynx?” Tag sounded defeated.

“Triple that at least. Paid in full upfront,” she answered.

“JYNX come on, I can’t float that. Help me out. $2,000.”

“Just for that, $5,000 paid up front or you can make your sales pitch to your investors from the driver’s seat,” Jynx groused back just before hanging up. She had him by the balls so after putting her agent down, Jynx gathered her gear. Five minutes later, Melo appeared on top of her agent.

“5,000 eb has been deposited to your account and I have the location for the race: Old Japan Town. Start time is 9pm,” Melo said as she waved hologram paper money around, then made it rain. Jynx smiled and laughed at the avatar.

“Oh good. I know Old Japan Town like the back of my hand,” Jynx smiled. She double-checked her bag and then started making herself some food.

“Call R3n0,” She told Melo.

“Calling,” Melo held up her hand to her ear like a telephone. After five or six rings Melo announced, “She’s not answering.”

Jynx ran through a mental list of tag-a-longs.

“Call Ximenez.”


Carlton faceplanted on his bed as his gym bag hit the floor with a thud. Tonight’s match went on for 20 minutes and he was dead tired. Just as he was about to pass out, his night took a sharp turn.

“Virgil, who is it?” Carlton asked his ringing agent.

His agent responded, “Jynx.”

“Ya’ello?” Carlton answered.

“Hey, Ximenez. You busy?”

“I’m about to hook up with the Sandman.”

“They can wait. I need someone to sit shotgun for me tonight. Interested in experiencing the thrill of a Night City fast and furious street race?”

Carlton lifted his face up from the bed and stared at the agent’s camera. “What’s the catch?”

“Oh, no catch. But 1G is yours if you’re in. All you have to do is sit and look pretty. I’ll handle the rest.”

“Just a street race, right?”

Jynx crossed her fingers out of view. “Yup.”

“Fine. But you’ll owe me one.”


Jynx and Ximenez pulled up into Old Japan Town in the car Tag provided, a Subaru WRX wrapped in a Rushing Riptide satin colorflow. It hummed like a kitten and felt like a dream to drive in Jynx’s hands. Even she had to admit this was a cozy driving experience. The sidewalks were lined with a lot of tough looking spectators, all segregated according to gang/group colors. An impressive array of racing vehicles assembled under a big banner hung along dead streetlamps that stood symmetrically across the street from one another.

Ximenez was barely awake, but even he noticed the banner and did a double take. He poked his head out the window to re-read the banner, then scowled.

“You said this was a street race,” he accused when he sat back down in the seat.

“Yup,” Jynx answered cheerily. “See? Mostly paved streets. Traffic. Spectators."

Ximenez pointed at the banner testily. “That banner says otherwise.”

“What banner?” Jynx said, avoiding his gaze and the banner.


“Oh it’s just a name,” Jynx rolled her eyes as she thought to herself, why did they have to put up a banner?

Ximenez gestured at the #9 truck that had a giant mechanical arm with an equally sizable buzzsaw that screeched to life. It then sliced some poor shmuck’s Harley in twain. “I’m pretty sure that there’s an additional element you omitted from your pitch.”

“Don’t worry! Only real rule is that we both have to cross the finish line with the car. And we’re not defenseless,” Jynx soothed, pointing at a few buttons on the dash labeled “guns”, “road spikes” and other dangerous sounding implements.

“Oh yeah? Did you get Trinz to upgrade your ride?”

“Well no. Not my ride. This car belongs to Tag. I checked the car over, we’re good. I wouldn’t get in if the car wasn’t good enough to race. But I made other preparations, just in case.” Jynx answered. She pulled the canvas covering items in the back seat to reveal cinder blocks, bricks, a few grenades, and literally a kitchen sink. “I improvised. You’re good at improv, aren’tcha?”

Ximenez folded his arms and hummphed. Jynx just patted Ximenez on the forearm.

“We’ll be fine! I’ve done like a hundred of these. C’mon, we gotta update the registration and then check out the other racers.”


A short blond woman in a skin tight green dress and matching high-heeled boots approached Jynx and Ximenez as they waited by the registration table. Her body was covered in tattoos that illuminated under the black lights.

“Hey Jynx, I completed registration for you,” the woman announced. Jynx had introduced her to Ximenez as Lindy, who happened to be Tag’s assistant. Lindy transferred data into Jynx’s agent and the AI Melo helpfully projected the data so Jynx and Ximenez could read it.

“Here’s the roster for tonight’s racers as well as the bookie odds to win. It looks like Prince Charles is the favorite at the most favored at 1:3,” Lindy explained. Jynx chuckled at the mere name. Though her voice didn’t betray nervousness, Ximenez caught the tremor in Jynx’s hand when she took the race decal.

Jynx skimmed through the rest of the names. A couple of rising stars, most of them she knew personally or by reputation. Apart from the annoying Prince Charles, the other members of the field to keep an eye out for were the aggressive Tazz in the number 13 car and Zignal, the sneaky little bastard who drives the number 7 car. She pointed these two out to Ximenez who barely glanced at the list. The names meant nothing to him and he felt really out of his element with this crowd.

“Thanks for your help Lindy,” Jynx told the girl.

As they walked back to the car, Jynx waved at Tag, who paused his conversation to wave back. He then continued to talk animatedly to a group of choombas who were skeptical about his boasts. A few people in the gangs hailed Jynx and she waved back and joined them for a conversation.

Ximenez hadn’t noticed Jynx was gone and soon enough got turned around. It seemed however that a few people recognized him, judging from the looks he got and the occasional “N C Dub” chants. Things seemed pretty chill until some tough guy decided to shoulder bump Ximenez. Ximenez wrinkled his nose but stood his ground, then sized up the would-be bully.

“You got a problem?” Ximenez asked irritably. He didn’t even bother to remove his sunglasses, which was a good thing because Ximenez recognized the man from a few pictures in Trinz’s place.

The other man brushed some imaginary dirt off his shoulder and tilted his fedora. “You should really watch where you’re going. This isn’t a place for posers. It’s for real men.”

Two other guys backed him up, one slight of build, wearing a bowling shirt and goggles. His other friend was a beefier dude, a Mr. Clean wannabe with hoop earrings who happened to be wearing a bright purple “I’ve got Big Guns!” t-shirt with a flexing PT Magnum on the front.

“Yeah? And who in the blue hell are you?” Ximenez retorted, scowling a bit at the tacky t-shirt.

“I’m Santi-”

“It doesn’t matter who you are!” Ximenez responded, cutting him off with an emphatic wave of his hand. On-lookers blinked and laughed at Santino, who glowered furiously at Ximenez. That didn’t deter Ximenez one bit.

“Why don’t you just take a stroll down Jabroni Drive back to your car and have your buddies shine it up real nice, turn it sideways, and stick it straight up your goofy ass,” Ximenez said in dismissal before turning to find his way back to the car.

That’s when Mr. Clean stepped up to defend Santino’s honor and swiped at Ximenez’s head.

Ximenez saw it coming and snatched the arm, then used the momentum to whip Mr. Clean into an armbar. Without hesitation, Ximenez effortlessly dislocated the big man’s shoulder. Baldy barely had a chance to scream before Ximenez savagely smashed an elbow into his face to knock him out cold. Santino and the other guy stood in shock, but Ximenez wasn’t done.

Ximenez stared Santino down and without looking, grabbed Goggles by the neck and lifted him skyward before driving Goggles headfirst into the ground.

“You asshole! That was my driving-” Santino shrieked as Ximenez fake-lunged at him. Santino crumpled to the ground, shielding his head.

Jynx looked at the downed guys, then at Ximenez and laughed hysterically. “I knew bringing you in would pay off. That’s one less crew to worry about!”

Some onlookers murmured and looked at each other wide-eyed. Others scrambled out of Jynx and Ximenez’s path as they made their way back to their car.

“But I bet on #12 to win!” one guy cried out in frustration, watching them walk away.


Once they were in the car, Jynx tweaked the mirrors a bit more, while explaining a couple of the other buttons in the car to Ximenez.

“When you ride shotgun with me, the main thing I need is for you to watch everything but the road. Anything you see you call it out to me, I don’t care if you think I saw it or not. I am aware of a lot of things, but you’re my back up. Second, make everyone’s lives hell if they get near us.”

“10 MINUTES TO START. 10 MINUTES TO START. DRIVER’S GET READY,” a man on a megaphone called out as he walked down the street.

“So the way this works is pretty simple. It's 10 laps of a 5 km -ish track or last man standing. There’s 15 vehicles this time: 9 cars, 4 trucks, 2 motorcycles.”

When the five minute call came, the vehicles pulled out one by one and drove into an open area, creating two lines. Jynx pulled into the second line, and checked her things one last time.

Ximenez could hear the yells of excitement from the other drivers over the roar of the engines, but Jynx was dead silent, the shaking in her hands was gone, and an eerie calmness surrounded her.

A flag girl came out and stood on a raised cement barrier. As she lifted the flags up Jynx’s smile grew bigger.

“Ready?!” she asked him without taking her eyes off the road.

“If I say no, will you let me hop out and go home?”

Jynx didn’t answer and Ximenez’s heart sank.

The flags dropped and Ximenez’s ears were drowned in the roars of the crowd and engines as cars peeled off the starting line.


Jynx hit the gas pedal hard as soon as the flags were down, the engine roared as she shifted gears, making the speed climb beyond what would normally be considered excessive. She caught up to any cars who had passed her at the start, fighting for a better position. Ximenez squirmed in his seat as Jynx’s car and the other racers were separated by mere inches, which only made Jynx accelerate even faster. Jynx’s movements were calm and collected showing her experience but the crazy smile that touched her lips betrayed the adrenaline junkie who was on a high.

Despite the paved streets, the air outside was filling with dust that the cars kicked up. Combine that with lights being reflected everywhere from their different sources, visibility wasn’t great. The only smell that permeated everywhere was CHOOH2 and burning rubber. The roaring motors and screeching tires on pavement made it hard to hear. It was almost a complete sensory overload even for Ximenez who was used to performing in front of large, rowdy crowds. His knuckles tightened on the hand-grip.

Jynx took a side glance at Ximenez.

“So with this type of race, you can’t just jump out ahead immediately and expect to win. It puts a big target on you. On the other hand, picking off everyone else is a waste of time because before you know it, the race’d be over. The strategy that’s worked for me has been to sit on the ass end of the front group, like we are doing right now, and while I’m watching the front, you lay traps or hazards for cars behind us.”

“This is nuts,” Ximenez muttered as he turned to watch behind them.

As Jynx drifted around a bend, the fifth, fourth, and third vehicles came into view. Jynx recognized Spike's car in 4th place and Spike drew even with The Mare, who had previously held onto sole possession of 3rd place. Spike managed to grab the inside line and pass The Mare, but Buzz, the driver of the truck in fifth armed the vehicle’s buzzsaw arm, which extended outward. As they all rounded a second bend, the 5th place truck came up on The Mare’s car and proceeded to slice through The Mare length-wise. The Mare’s driver and passenger managed to avoid losing their limbs, but the saw cut through the rear axle which destabilized the car and sent it careening off-road.

Buzz deftly avoided a collision with the careening Mare and pushed ahead to engage Spike, threatening with his buzzsaw again. Just as the saw bit into Spike’s trunk, Spike’s passenger leaned out of her window and brought a friggin’ rocket launcher to bear.

“Holy shit,” Ximenez swore, staring wide-eyed before ducking down in fright as the rocket launcher belched and subsequently blasted the front of Buzz’s truck up into the air in spectacular fashion. It twisted and smashed into the sidewalk on its right side and skidded to a halt. But apparently, Spike was not done yet. His car flipped a drifting u-turn and drove right at the truck with machine guns blazing at the disabled truck.

“Payback time!” Jynx commented as she slapped Ximenez on the shoulder then gave a thumbs up to Spike as they passed.

“Spike is banging Mare,” explained Jynx as she bit into another turn and shifted into top gear. “Hey, hey. You’re up now, X.”

Ximenez looked out the back windshield and saw four other racers catching up to their spot. Ximenez pressed the button for the road spikes and with a rattle and kerthunk, chains flew out of the back end of the car. The closest car swerved around them but the second hit them straight on, puncturing the car’s tires and sending the vehicle careening off to the side.

“Aww, Poor Zig,” Jynx crowed as she waved out the driver’s side window to bid him farewell.

Ximenez pressed another button to activate the twin machine guns concealed in the trunk, which rose out of the trunk and started firing. They were somewhat easy to avoid, since they did not pivot or track and Jynx kept the WRX on a tight line. Rather, the guns were misdirection since the lead hose forced the other racers to stay on the inside lane, right where Ximenez began hurling the bricks into. Windshields spidered from impact, effectively blinding them. Jynx finished them off by dumping a few perfectly timed grenades out her side of the car. The first exploded right under the nearest car, lifting it up in a burst of flame before it came to a swerving halt. The second bounced right through the broken windshield of the trailing car and rocked the driver and passenger in the cabin. The car careened off road and through the front of an abandoned store in spectacular fashion.

“You got a good arm!” Jynx complimented Ximenez. Ximenez turned and stared wide-eyed at Jynx.

“You just blew up four people!”

“Kinda how these things work,” Jynx replied as she hit top gear on the straightway and completed her second lap.


The third and fourth laps were a breeze for all the racers. Positions switched around but there was far less overt aggression. Jynx cleared both laps and kept in second place, but made no moves to take first place. As the fifth lap started, Jynx steeled her nerves and activated her speedware. Shit was about to get real.

“Get ready. Things are going to get a hell of a lot more crazy. Everyone’s been holding onto their secret weapons for this part,” Jynx told Ximenez.

“What’s the point of that?”

“Because the race would be dull if there was only one car left by lap three.”

On cue, sounds of explosions and screeching metal began. One of the motorcycles in the race went ass over kettle when a truck used its combat plow to send it airborne. The truck then gained speed with designs on ending Jynx’s run. Jynx didn’t seem too bothered but she kept an eye out. A sharp lane change allowed her to avoid two rockets. They screamed right past Ximenez’s window and crashed into the building that sat in front, right at the Y-split.

“Oh fuck,” Ximenez uttered, his life flashing before his eyes as the building crumbled on to the track ahead of their car. Jynx hoped Tag’s work on the brakes would hold and reacted fast, slamming the brakes so hard that Ximenez’s head nearly bounced off the dashboard. Tires screeched as Jynx then yanked the parking brake.

“Sorry!” she told Ximenez as she put an arm around the back of Ximenez’s seat and drove backwards between all the other cars and then spun around to take an alternate route down an alleyway. The other truck and sports car hot on their heels attempted to beat the speed at which gravity pulled the building down. Bad choice. Concrete and steel filled the road quickly and rained down on them and they disappeared in a cloud of dust.

“It’s going to get a little tight,” Jynx informed as Ximenez clenched in his seat. The remaining motorcycle in the race zipped ahead as Jynx kept the WRX as centered as possible while the alley’s walls closed in on her.

“You’re going to hit a lot of shit, Jynx!” Ximenez yelled and pointed ahead before ducking. Jynx crashed through trash cans and a refrigerator box before jumping out of the alley with a bounce. Jynx swung the wheel around and yanked the parking brake to make a sharp left turn back onto the street and then fought to get back to her racing speed, maintaining her spot in the top 3.

As they crossed the starting line again for the 5th time and began the next lap, another truck bore down on them. The rear passenger windows blew in with a dramatic crash as the truck thudded against the WRX on Ximenez’s side. Metal squealed on metal, but the collision did not knock the WRX too far off course, and if anything, it provided Jynx the separation she wanted.

Not to be denied, the truck activated its boosters and left a trail of flames in order to catch up to the WRX. Once again, the truck slammed into Jynx’s car, this time on the driver’s side. Spikes mounted on the pickup’s wheels punctured the car frame. Jynx could feel them threatening to tear through the door and into her leg too. Fortunately, the door held.

Taking advantage of the next turn in the circuit, Jynx pulled away from the truck; the metal groaning in protest. She looked up to see their assailant and grimaced when she recognized the truck’s colors.
“That Santino fucker managed to find a backup driver,” she bitched.
The two vehicles continued to play tag, with Jynx using all her skills to maneuver around the truck and the racetrack but the truck’s mass and armor allowed it to blast through obstacles that’d stop most of the other racers.

“Son of a bitch,” she cursed. “Hold on! It’s time for the direct approach! Jynx maneuvers the car to come alongside the truck. She pulled out her handgun and took aim, then fired two shots through the passenger window. The guy’s head slumped onto the dashboard, lifeless.

The driver leaned over and gave Jynx the finger as he dumped the body out of the car, then tried to ram the WRX again. Jynx hit the brakes and let the truck slide just in front of her car. That was when the other passenger popped out from the cab and began to rain bullets on the WRX windshield.

“Christ, that is so unfair,” muttered Ximenez as reflexively raised his arms up to shield himself.

The windshield held however and Jynx used her boosters to pass the truck on its left. The shooter kept firing, but at these speeds and without any mounting, he was wasting bullets.

“Alright, time to throw the kitchen sink at them,” she instructed Ximenez. “See if you can make sure the corner hits first.”

Jynx pulled a smoke grenade from the beverage holder and pulled the pin before holding it outside of her window. The resulting smoke billowed and began to obscure the truck’s vision, which was what Ximenez needed. He opened the side door and positioned the unwieldy sink at just the right angle before letting go.

A second later the sink crashed through the windshield and embedded itself in the driver’s face before Santino’s vaunted truck swerved out of control and collided through a bunch of bollards outside of a night market.

“Nice,” Jynx grinned as Ximenez yanked the door back shut and hopped back into the front seat. “We’re even faster now without all the cargo.”

Ximenez caught his breath as the WRX sailed past the starting line and began the 6th lap in fourth place with only six other racers left in the mix.


With two laps to go, Jynx breezed through the starting line and main thoroughfare, the crowded onlookers screaming and waving flags to urge on their favorite racers. The final six jockeyed aggressively for position,; and Jynx eked into first place using another tight alley. Prince Charles was hot on her tail, but his NSX sputtered when he attempted to shift into top gear. Likely it was a mechanical issue and that left him vulnerable. While Prince tried to pull over, the team piloting the Jetta peppered the NSX with armor-piercing rounds, causing Prince to spin out and wrap itself around a lamp post.

"Come on. That was cheap," Jynx bitched, checking the Jetta out. She had guessed right; it was Tazz driving the number 13 car. The 13 was hard to miss given its fluorescent green and yellow color scheme.

Ximenez felt his chest tighten more as the stakes grew higher. His head was on a swivel, constantly checking every angle he could.

“Shit Jynx, the #3 truck is gonna try to spin us out from your side!”
Jynx couldn’t avoid it, so she switched gears and drifted the car to flow with the direction of the truck’s love tap.

“Hang on!” Jynx gritted out as the car lurched with the impact from the left rear driver’s side. The WRX somehow managed to stay in control and pointed in the proper direction of traffic, but lost some speed when Jynx scrapped against an apartment building. Miraculously, Jynx managed to kick it back into top gear and faked out the truck to re-take the lead.

Ximenez attempted to get payback by flinging the cinderblocks into the truck’s way, but it was too heavily armored to be deterred. That’s when he spotted Tazz coming up to take his shot at the pair.

“#13 on my side,”” Ximenez called out.

“Ah fuck,” Jynx curses under her breath. "Opportunistic bastard."

The two rival racers seemed to have decided to team up and take Jynx’s car out of the race. Jynx avoided getting sandwiched by maneuvering to block the #3 truck from passing on the left. With the truck out of real options to take, Ximenez threw a wave of sticky grenades that attached to the truck’s front and windshield and blew the entire section into smithereens.

Ximenez was admiring his handiwork when he felt Jynx try to yank him back into the car.
“WATCH OUT!” Jynx yelled, and Ximenez Matrix-dodged Tazz’s meathook swipe. Ximenez slid back into his seat but found his foot lodged in the passenger door’s pocket.

Ximenez tried to awkwardly contort his body to free his foot but he was distracted by the aforementioned meat hook that sunk into the door and the attached chain. Ximenez’s eyes followed the chain up to see an evil grin on Tazz’s face.

“Fuuuuuck,” Ximenez uttered as he desperately opened the door and tried to pry the meathook free.

“What’s wro…” Jynx asked, glancing right at Ximenez. Tazz suddenly dropped speed and the chain went taut, yanking the door and summarily Ximenez right out of the car. Luckily Ximenez managed to free the hook in mid-air and shifted his body to pull the door back under his body as he clutched for dear life on the seatbelt. Sparks flew under Ximenez as he began to surf along the side of the car using the door as a makeshift board.

Tazz did a double-take and the crowd roared with excitement, never seeing anything like this before. Tazz decided to take a personal approach and accelerated to ram Ximenez. Ximenez glanced over his shoulder and timed an ollie with the door. As Tazz pushed through, Ximenez slammed the car door onto the hood of Tazz’s car and used Tazz’s attempt at vehicular homicide to propel himself forward and back into the passenger seat of the WRX.

“Welcome back,” Jynx commented as Ximenez reappeared next to her. He braced himself by grabbing onto whatever he could now that he had no seatbelt or a door to keep him inside.

Once Ximenez caught his breath, his eyes narrowed at Jynx, who shrugged it off.

“You might want to duck,” Jynx stated nonchalantly as Tazz began to draw even with their car. XImenez reclined his chair and Jynx called out to Tazz. “HEY SHIT HEAD!”

Tazz looked up and got double-tapped for his trouble. Jynx turned the wheel and nudged Tazz’s car off the road and right into the display window of an abandoned clothing store. Ahead, the road opened up into a four lane freeway.

With only one other car and a motorcycle remaining, Jynx focused more on racing and less on destruction. The motorcyclist was proving to be a deft handler and flew down the roads going into the final lap. Jynx activated another booster to close the gap, but the WRX’s engine was teetering on disaster.

“I hope this thing holds together,” Ximenez muttered. Jynx looked back and saw Ximenez had climbed into the backseat and buckled in, then began tossing the remaining road hazards to lighten the car’s load. That put the third place driver on the defensive and kept them from trying to steal second place.

The checkered flag waved as the three remaining racers crossed the finish line and the three vehicles moved to their respective circles. Most of the crowd gathered around the motorcycle to give their congratulations. Jynx skillfully turned and drifted the car into the second place circle and Ximenez let out a huge sigh of relief. He wasted no time, making an escape from the vehicle, albeit on wobbly legs.

“You’re a good teammate,” Jynx said, smacking a dry-heaving Ximenez on the back. “There’s another race in two months!”

“Hell fucking no,” Ximenez uttered. He and Jynx glanced up when they heard Tag calling them out.

“My WRX!” Tag wailed as he sank to his knees hopelessly. “Did you have to be so reckless?!”

“Get up you fucking baby,” Jynx answered, leaning casually against the car and observing the weepy Tag. “You should be proud your car held up for all that. for what it went through. Wasn’t that the point? To prove your custom rides are stylish and death race tough?”

“Though,” Jynx continued, “It’s worth mentioning that without me, your car would’ve never made it to the finish line at all.”

Tag scowled at Jynx and rolled his eyes. He was about to say something but Lindy showed up, escorting some rather excited looking investors. Tag rose to his feet and forgot about Jynx and the car for the moment.

Once the investors were handed off to Tag, Lindy approached Jynx and Ximenez.

“Holy smokes, that was a baller of a race. The drone cams caught everything. I’ll send you the deets so you can check ‘em out later.”

“Yeah, please do.” Jynx answered. “If you don’t need me, I’m gonna head home. Tell Tag to lose my number.”

“I think we’re good; we’ll take care of the rest,” Lindy answered with a smile.

“Awesome. You can call me instead though,” Jynx winked at Lindy, who returned a very red blush and nodded.

“You done?” Ximenez asked, arms folded across his chest.

“For now,” Jynx replied cheekily as she hailed a cab to take them back to Pondsmith Ave.

Wayward Mistress

Authors: Rynn
Editing by: Simon

Jynx sat with some friends, their weekly poker game was well on its way. So it was all small talk and snacking for now while their main focus was on the cards. There was a good mix of people at the Afterlife tonight. Jynx had placed herself with her back to the wall, so she could read the lips of as many people as possible between rounds but the conversations were boring tonight. One person was talking about this woman he had found and it was love at first sight. Another was saying how his landlord was an ass and kept raising the rent. Another was talking about the last mission he got, he had managed to get his hands on the chip his employer wanted. Another was talking about the next death race. No one was talking about her Uncle neither. Jynx sighed and took another drink.

Boston, Riddle and Bull were the others at the table. Riddle was talking about Renna, one of the barmaids that Boston had his eye on but had yet to make his move.

“Man she likes you.” Riddle told him. Boston rolled his eyes and shook his head denying it.

“What would she see in me?” the larger man asked.

“Anyways, Renna's a good kisser.” Jynx said with a straight face she kept her eyes on her cards. The three men turned to her. Boston started sputtering incoherently. Riddle spat out his drink. Bull just shook his head.

“I'm joking Boston. It’s a joke. I didn’t kiss her…yet.” Jynx laughed.

Boston opened and closed his mouth a few times, he slapped his cards down and got up.

“Excuse me.” The 7ft tall man muttered and walked away.

Riddle leaned on Jynx. “You have got to stop egging that boy on. Also did you really kiss her?”

“He knows I have his back, and someone has to pick on him. Also, I don’t kiss and tell.” She stuck out her tongue at Riddle who laughed.

A few minutes later Boston came back with a smile on his lips. The lipstick on his cheek was noticeable but none of them bothered to point it out. Jynx said it was her turn to get the drinks and got up to move to the bar but the door opening in the front of the bar caught her attention. A woman came through the door, and right away it was obvious she didn’t belong. Red hair done pin up style, tight Jeans and a leather bomber jacket covered her small frame. The few accessories that she had completed the style she had gone for. The woman cringed at the stares but she kept walking toward the bar. Suddenly her path was blocked by a man.

“Pretty little thing. What are you doing here mousy, come keep Papa cat warm.” Marv purred at her.
Some of the patrons around him made faces but kept to themselves, his friends whistled and catcalled her. The lady didn’t make eye contact instead she made to go around him.

“Excuse me.” The lady said quietly. Marv went to grab at her but before he could Jynx was between him and the lady with a handgun pointed between his eyes.

“Fuckin Bitch.” The man muttered.

“Watch it Marv.” Jynx growled back.

“Marv. Best heed the lady’s words she’d have had two bullets in you already.” Riddle laughed from his seat and pointed at the other gun Jynx had pressing against Marv's gut.

Marv put his hands up. “Easy. I was only being friendly.”

He heard the gun cock.

“You want to see what friendly is?” Jynx hissed.

“Don’t try me.” Marv answered back pushing into her gun.

“Make me!” Jynx whispered back.
“Marv, back off. Last thing we need is for her to go off again.” Boston emphasized the “again" as he came up beside them, he slowly put a hand on Jynx's arm.

“I don’t condone said behavior. I’m sure Rogue won’t tolerate your shit neither, pretty sure she’ll invite you to get the fuck out.” Boston stood to his full height squaring out his shoulders making sure the holster with his butcher knives made itself seen.
Marv looked up at Boston who was a foot and a half taller. Then back to Jynx who was smiling like a psycho just waiting for an excuse to shoot. He seemed to be contemplating his options. Bull had moved around the standoff without being noticed and came to stand behind Marv. One of Rogue’s bouncers came into view, he was as large as Boston, and he flexed his muscles and cracked his neck.

Marv’s friends seemed to shrink in their chairs realizing that Marv was at a disadvantage. The bouncer laughed in a deep laugh. “Too late boys. I know who laughed, Boston’s invitation stands for you too.” he looked at each of them.
Marv took a look around at his situation and lifted his hands up slowly and took a full step backward.
“Apologies.” He said looking at the woman who was standing behind Jynx. The woman said nothing, she only stared at the ground.

“Calling it early tonight.” He said looking at the bouncer.

“You do that.” The bouncer answered.

“Be seeing you.” Marv whispered to Jynx. Jynx snorted and turned her back on him and waved him off while giving him the finger.

Through this whole exchange everyone’s attention had turned to the standoff, aside from the music still playing there was no conversation. Marv took his things and motioned to his men that they were leaving. Once they were gone conversations started up once more. Jynx put her guns away and went back to her seat and downed her drink. Bull followed her while Boston stayed and talked to the lady. Riddle had been up to something during the standoff but he stopped when things ended. Jynx wasn’t sure what exactly he been doing but she mouthed a silent thank you to him. Riddle put his agent down, he returned the smile and gave a nod.

“Sorry! Hank.” Jynx called out to the bouncer, who was walking back to where he was stationed.

“You’re good, this time.” Hank answered sternly but despite this he smiled to her.

“What were you doing?” Jynx asked Riddle, she was to curious not to ask.

“Oh, just collecting insurance.” Riddle answered. “I wonder what her story is.”

“That makes two of us.” Jynx answered as she took some fries out of the basket. Bull nodded silently looking back at Boston and the lady.

15 minutes later Boston came back with the lady in tow, “Got a job, if you’re interested.” He said to the table.

“Miss Ryan, these are my friends who could help you. They should be able to complete the task that you have, if you’ll explain again for them. I’ll fill in the blanks, if need be.” Boston told the woman who now had a coffee in her hands. While the rest of them had refreshed their preferred drinks.

The lady sat down at the table and explained her story.

“I went to the home of one of my regulars, it was our regularly scheduled meeting. When I got there, though, he had a friend over. He said he would pay double the extra fee if I could split my time between them.” She started. “I didn’t see why not so I spent part of my time with my Reg and then went to his friend’s house. At some point I fell asleep. When I woke up the friend was dead. Nothing looked out of place, he didn’t have any marks on him.” She took a sip of her coffee.

“But he was cold.”

“I ran away, I didn’t know who to talk to. I called a friend who works with me. They told me not to show up at work. The cops were looking for me, they want to question me.” She looked at the floor. Boston took over.

“She thinks her Reg is the one who planned everything. She got an anonymous message saying that everything was caught on video and that the chip would make it into the police’s hands if she didn’t do as told.” He told them.

“And let me guess, money was dropped into her account, camera’s caught her going into the house, and no one else. Etc. etc. Basically she’s the perfect fall person.” Riddle commented.

“Yup.” Boston nodded.

“Alright. What is it that you want to happen Miss Ryan?” Jynx asked. The women looked up at her but she didn’t seem sure what Jynx was asking.

“Do you want us to get you out of here? Clear your name? Kill your Reg? Jynx asked.

“My name is ruined, whether it’s cleared or not.” Miss Ryan answered. “I have family in Pheonix, I could restart there but I don’t want this following me. If I can get the chip – maybe change my name - I don’t know what else. I don’t care what happens to him, I just want to be safe when I get to my family.”

“Are you guys free? Would you be willing to help her?” Boston asked.

“I can take care of getting her to Phoenix,” Jynx answered.

“I can clear out video footage, but if they have something on a physical chip I’m going to need that.” Riddle agreed.

“I have something starting later tonight.” Bull said, “But I have a safe house she can stay at.”

“I was just about to ask. Good!” Boston nodded. “Which means I can help get the chip.”

“Right, you have your reg’s address?” Jynx asked the girl.

“I do.” The girl wrote it on a napkin and handed it to Jynx.

“Ok, I’ll go with Boston to get the chip, Riddle can back us up. Bull if you can escort the Lady to her temporary home?”

“Miss Ryan.” Bull motioned to the lady to follow him. Miss Ryan stood up and started to follow Bull but turned back to the table.

“Thank you.” She said quietly.

“Thank us when it’s done. Also it won’t be free.” Jynx answered with a smile. “But we can talk money when things are done.” Miss Ryan looked at Jynx for another second and nodded and then followed Bull. When they were gone, Riddle turned to Jynx.

“That was nice of you.”

“Was it?” Jynx smiled. “I figured she has no money, why else would she come here alone instead of going through a fixer. That Reg better be loaded or it’s gonna be a real short trip for her.”

“Ok I take it back. You’re evil.” Riddle deadpanned. Jynx just shrugged and lifted her beer glass only to realize it was empty. Boston laughed and shook his head. “I'll go grab some more drinks.”

“So,” Boston spoke up when he came back. “Riddle, think you could pull up a map of the Reg’s place.”
Riddle nodded. “No problem.” He pulled out a pad and soon a map of the area was displayed on it, the three of them got to planning what they were going to do.

Two days later, Jynx looked at her reflection in the silver walls of the elevator. She was dressed like a wannabe rocker chick or so she had told Riddle. Her gun case was concealed inside a guitar case. She wore two shirts. One a tight long sleeved shirt full of holes along the sleeves, and the second a loose t-shirt that had Rebel written across it, her tight ripped jeans hugged her figure while two belts held them in place, the army boots and baseball cap with spikes topped it all off, she didn’t look anything like she usually did. She had tied her hair in a messy bun and had pulled her bangs over one eye. The elevator opened on the 7th floor of the apartment building that was across the street from the Reg’s house. She walked to apartment 720 and pulled out one of the machines Riddle had given her. Jynx slid the keycard into the door’s electronics and waited for the green light.

“Excuse me!” a voice came from behind her. Jynx jumped and turned around to see a young man standing with some grocery bags in his hands.

“Holy shit,” Jynx yelped, hiding Riddle’s device behind her back. “Uhhh yea?!”

“Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you…uhmm…are you the new tenant?” the young man asked as he pointed to the door of 720. Jynx looked him up and down, Riddle had given her and Boston a chip to let him see what they were seeing.

<Hold on, checking him out.> Riddles message came through her chyron.

“Uhh, it’s ok. I uhmm, well it’s my uncle who is moving here actually, next week. I just came over because I wanted to clean up and maybe see what he needs.” Jynx answered.

<He’s a norm, nothing out of the ordinary.> Riddle texted.

“Oh, ok. I’m Tom, by the way. Maybe we’ll see each other again then. I’m in 700, over that way.” The boy pointed down the hall.

“Oh cool.” Jynx answered but she didn’t say anything else. The two of them stood in awkward silence for a few seconds. The boy seemed to get the hint.

“Anyway, have a good night.” He moved past her and walked toward his apartment.

“You too.” Jynx answered. She waved to him when he waved back. Once his back was turned Jynx checked if she had a green light, opened the door to the apartment and went in.

“Moves pretty silent for a fuckin norm.” she bitched to Riddle who laughed. Jynx locked the door with the manual lock and went to the window, opening it wide enough for her gun to pass through and looked at the house that was their target. From here, she had a good vantage point. She pulled out her gun and set herself up.

“Alright, I’m in place. Boston, you’re up.” Jynx said over the comms.

“On my way.” Boston answered.
Riddle had done some digging, he found them a house plan, and the man’s timetable. He also pulled up footage that would incriminate their target. All that was left was for Boston to get the physical chip. Jynx was there more as a precaution/ distraction if Boston ran into trouble but if everything went how they planned, they would be in and out quickly.

“So far so good, no one’s home.” Boston told them. Jynx spotted him at one point but he was soon out of her sight. Jynx moved her gun and looked around the area that was around the house, nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

Boston moved through the house, Riddle was in constant communication giving him the ok to proceed to the next room once he had control of the camera. Boston moved into the dining room and stopped.

“This guy has no taste.” Boston told the other two. “He needs to find a new decorator.” He looked at the maroon curtains with gold accents and pink walls. “Why the hell would you pick pink with maroon and gold?”

Riddle and Jynx both burst out laughing at that. Boston finally made it into the study after commenting on the rest of the décor and started looking around. He used the detector that Riddle had given him moving around the room looking at different things and moving the detector over them. It was at the bookcase that he found something. He pulled the book which activated the secret door.

“Ok…not what I expected.” He said.

“I felt like there was something missing from the building plans.” Riddle answered. “Give me a sec.”

Boston stopped his forward movement waiting for Riddle to give him the ok. When he did, Boston moved forward. The room wasn’t much bigger than a small closet, it was only shelves. Boston looked at the papers and files, and finally he looked at the small safe on the floor.

“Probably in there.” Riddle told him. He proceeded to tell him what to do to get the safe open.

“We got a taxi coming up the road.” Jynx mentioned to the two guys. She lined up her scope to watch the vehicle.

“We’re almost done.” Riddle told her.

“Make it quick, looks like he’s back early.” She watched as the man got out of the taxi. “Though he looks drunk, he can’t walk straight.”

“I have the chip, I’m going by the back.” Boston told them. He closed everything up and left following Riddles instructions.

“He’s at the door.” Jynx watched the man try to unlock his front door 3 times.

“I’m out.” Boston radioed back.

“All clear on my end.” Riddle answered.

“Alright, I’m leaving.” Jynx pulled away from the window and closed it. She put her gun away and left the apartment, thankfully not running into anyone else.

They regrouped at Riddle’s place without any trouble. While Boston and Jynx ate the pizza they had ordered, Riddle hacked into their target’s account and emptied the cash that was there – which was a hefty amount. He then set up some ghost money in the man’s account, and planted the evidence that would pin the murder on him. He came and joined the other two after he finished creating a new identity for Miss Ryan.

“This has got to be the easiest job I’ve had in a while.” Riddle commented between bites.

“Ya had to go and say it!” Boston groaned.

“Well it’s true.” Riddle looked between the other two.

“You only say that when the job’s over and not before.” Jynx muttered. “Otherwise something’s gonna happen.”

“Well then.” Riddle knocked on his wood table. “There all fixed.”

Boston and Jynx laughed at him, they went on to talk about the different crazy missions they had experienced, most of the stories had them laughing until their sides hurt, including one that required Boston wearing a chicken suit. Other stories were every edgerunner’s horror story.

“Imagine if the Doll we’re saving actually did kill the guy and is just having us steal all the money and framing the other dude.” Boston commented after taking another gulp of his beer.

“Part of me wouldn’t be surprised, I’ve seen crazier for less.” Jynx answered.

“Not to ruin the daydreaming but I watched the video – the dude’s the one who did the killing.” Riddle answered.

“Ah well,” Boston snickered. “How you getting to Phoenix?”

“My bike. Faster, easier to hide if need be, and from what I understood she wouldn’t have much of anything to bring with her.” Jynx answered. An agent rang and Riddle picked it up.

“That was Bull, he said he’d bring Miss Ryan over tomorrow around 10 am.” Riddle told them after hanging up the agent.

“Sounds good. Well I’m off – if there’s anything let me know.” Boston got up and grabbed another piece of pizza.

“Yup will do,” Riddle answered.

“Make sure you call Renna.” Jynx called out to Boston. “Else, I’m gonna do it.”

Boston gave her the finger and left the apartment. Riddle snickered, he went and grabbed another beer and tossed one to Jynx, “You want to stay for the night? You got your bike here and everything.”

“Uhmm, yea might as well.” Jynx answered after she thought about it for a few minutes, she cracked open the beer and took a large gulp. “I didn’t feel like getting up early anyway.”

“Cool, no problem.” Riddle turned on the tv and flipped through some channels. Jynx half watched it while playing on her agent.

“Did you split the money?” she asked breaking the silence after a while.

“Not just yet, you just reminded me that I had wanted to ask you guys where to deposit it.” Riddle answered. “I was having too much fun fucking over Mr. Murderer.”

“It’s all good, take ¾ of it and give it to the Doll. Split the last ¼ between us.” Jynx told him.

“You’re gonna laugh, Boston texted me saying basically the same thing.” Riddle showed her the text. “And I had been planning on doing something along those lines. I mean, it was an easy job, didn’t take too many resources – no one got hurt.”

“Yea that’s fair.” Jynx agreed. “I’ve had a couple jobs lined up anyway. I’m not begging for money right now.”

“Ok, well I think I’m gonna crash – you want the bed or the couch?”

“I’ll take the couch, I don’t want to move.” Jynx answered. Riddle laughed and shook his head as he got up. He went into the bedroom and then came back and dumped a blanket on top of her and gave her an extra pillow.

The next morning Bull showed up along with Miss Ryan. She had changed her looks, her hair was cut differently and colored black instead of the intense red it had been. She looked goth now with her dark multi layered clothing. Riddle gave the girl everything she needed for her new identity. Jynx waited for them outside, ready to go. She helped the girl climb on to the bike, after securing the one bag she had brought with her.

“It’s 9 hours to Phoenix.” She explained. “If you need to stop, just let me know but the farther we get one shot, the better.”

“Ok.” Miss Ryan answered. She looked at the three men. “Thank you for your help.”

“You take care now. You can trust Jynx – despite how she looks.” Boston told her.

“Hey!” Jynx pretended to be offended. Miss Ryan laughed at that. Jynx rolled her eyes. “Alright let’s go.”

It was about 4 pm in the afternoon when they stopped for the first time, they stopped at the abandoned Desert Center. Jynx had surveyed the area as they were coming to it with the sniper scope but there was no one in the surrounding area. Jynx parked near one of the buildings that would give them some shade and pulled out some food and water and handed some to the other girl.

“Wow, I’m sore.” Miss Ryan commented as she stretched.

“That’s normal, Miss Ryan.” Jynx answered as she packed the food back in its place.

“Ezika, actually.” Miss Ryan answered.

“Ezika, then. You get used to it after a while.” Jynx answered.

After they were done eating, Jynx took a second to check out the gas station that was a few buildings down. The pumps were empty.
They took off again. The last few hours, they watched as the sun went down and soon night had enveloped them. Ezika looked out into the darkness, but couldn’t see anything, she unconsciously held on tighter to Jynx. Jynx took a look at her but said nothing.

In the last hour they started to see the city lights, which got brighter and brighter as they got closer. Jynx followed the map until they arrived in front of an apartment building.
“Here you go.” She said, as she looked at the building. She helped Ezika off the bike and gave her bag to her.

“Thank you. Do you have somewhere to stay? You’re not going all the way back tonight right?” the girl asked as Jynx got on her bike once more.

“Technically I could if I really wanted to. But I have a place that I stay at when I come here.” Jynx answered.

“Ezika?!” a person came out of the building. Miss Ryan turned around and waved to the person.

“Looks like you’re good I’m gonna get going.”

“Yes, thank you again. Tell the others thank you also.”

“Will do.” Jynx turned her bike back on and took off to her regular motel.


2 weeks Later…

“Riddle, I thought you had those doors locked.” Jynx yelled over the gun fire. She was ducking behind a cement divider wall.

“I DID – I’m not the only netrunner you know.” Riddle yelled back from his hiding spot behind some thick wood crates.

“Where the fuck did this Marv get all his minions.” Boston bitched as he came up beside Riddle.

“Maybe the fucker is more charismatic when he isn’t surrounded by three 7ft tall guys.” Riddle answered.

“I don’t care what he has – I’m gonna put a bullet between his eyes when I find the fucker.” Jynx bitched.

“First we need to get out of here.” Bull told them from his position behind a crate farther back. “We’re fucked if we stay here.”

“No. Really!”

“Nice deduction, Sherlock!”

“Where do you want us to go!”

This was yelled all at once by the other three. Bull rolled his eyes, sighed and pointed to the door behind them that was hidden by another stack of crates. The other 3 looked at the door, and suddenly they all looked embarrassed.

“We should…”Boston motioned to the door without looking at Bull and started moving toward the door.

“I mean, it’ll be easier than…”Riddle didn’t finish his sentence, and pointed to the front where all the gunmen were then crawled on all fours toward the door.

Jynx looked at Bull who stared back. Jynx sighed and moved first.

To be contined…

Vengeful Backfire

Author: Rynn
Editing by: Simon

2 weeks after they finished the job for the Doll, the group found themselves at their regular game of poker once more. Jynx wasn’t there, she was on an escort job. Boston got a message from a fixer friend asking him if he was interested in a job. The boys checked it out and decided to do it. Riddle sent a message to Jynx as they were going to need her driving skills.

“We got another mission if you want to join in,” Riddle wrote to her. “We’re going to need your driving skills.”

“Yea sure” Jynx wrote back. “I’ll be back tonight.”

They needed to hijack a transport truck and bring the contents of the trailer to a location that would be disclosed once the load was in their hands. Bull had been on site already collecting information and was fixing to eventually be one of the guards placed in the truck.

“Two choices. Either we make the truck break down and take the place of the repair crew or we bottle neck and ambush the truck, throw the driver out and keep going,” Jynx offered after looking at the info that Bull had collected.

It was decided that Boston and Jynx would set up an ambush point, potentially less innocent people to deal with as Boston pointed out. Riddle would be taking care of the electronic side of things once more, though he too would be onsite instead of working from home.

“We can bottleneck them here,” Jynx pointed to a spot along the route the truck was taking. It was a straight road that led to a Y intersection. “We’ll have one of the vehicles parked here,” she pointed to an intersection before the Y. “And another one here,” She point directly at the Y intersection. “Any info on what the truck is carrying?”

“Yup” Bull handed her his agent. Jynx looked at the picture that was on it. “Well at least it’s nothing that can explode. Fuckin heavy though, wow.”

“Alright so no EMP, and no busting up the truck,” Boston said, looking at Riddle who slowly put down the EMP bomb. “Since we’re not going that route.”

“Who we doing this for?” Jynx.

“Mr. Graves, he went through a fixer I know, supposedly this isn’t the first time they are doing business,” Boston told her.

“Don’t know him,” she shrugged, “but since this isn’t the first time it should be fine. Anyways, when’s this load being sent out?”

“They have it planned to move in two days from now,” Bull answered.

“Good, more time to plan.”

Two days later everything was set. Jynx had gotten her hands on two vehicles; a dump truck and a garbage truck which they had parked at the chosen intersections. Riddle was in a third vehicle; a minivan, where he had a mini mobile set up that allowed him to control the traffic lights and cameras. He was parked behind Jynx’s garbage truck.

Bull had gone to “work” that day and was now riding shotgun with the truck driver. The truck had an escort but it was only two vehicles one in front and one in back of the truck.

“Alright they are on their way,” Riddle messaged the other two, he was tracking Bull’s agent for the positioning of the truck. “10 minutes away.”

“Let us know when they are 5 minutes away,” Jynx answered as she fiddled with her face mask and pushed a stray hair under the baseball cap she was wearing. “You got those cameras on a loop right?”

“Yup, everything’s running smooth, and I’m ready to trigger the traffic lights,” Riddle answered.

“Cool. Boston, try and make sure you get between the truck and the escort if the traffic lights don’t stop them,” Jynx told him.

“Yup, will do.”

Things felt quiet, or as quiet as it could be on a main road. Jynx leaned against the wheel of the garbage truck and looked around: regular people going about their business, some people in suits rushing to get wherever they needed to be. Different cars came down the road, most people minding their own business as they kept their eyes on the road. One car passed by slower than others, there were two men in it, and one of them stared long and hard at Jynx who stared back. They kept going and turned onto the right fork and disappeared in the highway traffic. Jynx thought about it, wondering why the man would stare at her like that but she ended up brushing it off, she couldn’t really go after them to ask at the moment.

At the five minute mark, Jynx turned on the garbage truck and positioned it ready to pull out and block the truck. The 18 wheeler had turned onto the straight away coming up to the ambush point. Riddle changed the traffic lights to all red after the truck passed them. Honking horns could be heard as confused drivers suddenly had to stop their forward movement to avoid hitting the other drivers that now had the green light. The back escort had stopped at the red light, a few seconds later they went to move forward but stopped again when another car almost hit them. Riddle counted down from 10 and switched the lights once more. Confused drivers stopped dead in their tracks while temperamental drivers started to move once more when they saw the green light. The group could hear the crunch of metal and honking of horns as the chaos blocked up the road. Once the truck had passed Boston’s intersection he pulled out and placed the dump truck in the middle. He got out and dumped the keys in a garbage can and ran toward Riddle’s minivan.

“The back escort is out - they’re stuck behind the traffic jam,” Bull messaged to the team.

“What is going on?” the driver said to Bull as he peaked out his side mirror a few times.

“Not sure, someone must have gone through a red. We lost our back escort,” Bull answered. He radioed the other guards asking if they were ok.

“You guys keep going, we’ll catch up,” the back escort radioed back.

Riddle changed the light between the front escort and the truck, the driver went wide eyed and brought the truck to a bit of a rough stop.

“Sorry about that,” the trucker said to Bull who had to pretend to be surprised.

“No problem. Is the load going to be ok?”

“Yea, it wasn’t a hard stop. At worst it might have moved a few inches,” the driver answered as he looked at the light. “Better let the front escort know,” he pointed to the front car who was getting farther ahead.

“Right,” Bull messaged the car ahead. He watched as they passed the intersection where Jynx was supposed to be, they went into the left fork and put their 4 ways on.

Jynx had mentioned as they planned that she didn’t know how good the trucker was at driving. If he wasn’t, the load could shift and that could lead to a lot of different problems they didn’t need. The plan was adjusted accordingly, making sure that they would slow the truck down as much as possible before trapping it. So far things were going as they had hoped.

“Turning the light back to green,” Riddle informed them. Bull watched as the light changed back to green and the driver put the truck back into gear. Jynx waited a few more seconds and pulled out on to the road blocking the left lane of the fork. The trucker cursed putting the brakes back on again bringing the truck to a standstill once more.

“What is up with people today?” he asked as he rolled down his window. “Come on move, what are you? Stupid!?” he yelled at Jynx who waved pretending to be sorry.

“People need to learn to drive,” The trucker said as he turned back to Bull.

“Yea I know what you mean,” Bull sucker punched the guy knocking him unconscious. Jynx popped up at the window a second later and unlocked the door. She pulled the driver out onto the side walk and climbed into the driver’s seat and put the truck into motion. She took the right ramp and merged into the highway traffic.

“We’re on the move,” Bull messaged Riddle and Boston.

“Getting you the location now,” Riddle answered. He sent them the address of the warehouse they were going to. Boston took the driver’s seat and navigated around the garbage truck and took the ramp on the right. They passed the guards that they had left on the left ramp, who were out of the vehicle yelling at each other.

The plan was to bring the truck to an empty warehouse first and then once they had the final destination, move on to that location. Jynx changed lanes and followed the directions on her chyron. A few minutes later, an alert came over the comms. The cops had been notified. Jynx shifted gears making the truck go even faster. Cars honked at her as she maneuvered around them but ended up moving out of the way, it was that or be crushed.

“They don’t have our location yet. The place we’re going is set up to block all transmissions. As long as we get there, we’ll be fine,” Riddle told them as he typed furiously over the keyboard.

“How far are you guys from us?” Bull asked them.

“I can see the back of the truck,” Boston cut in.

After ten minutes of highway driving, Jynx pulled into the right lane and took the exit. Three blocks farther, she turned into a warehouse yard. Bull got out and ran into the warehouse. A minute later the large doors began to open. As they drove in, Boston came up behind them with the minivan. Once both vehicles were in, Bull closed the doors. They regrouped together in front of the minivan. Boston said he would call the fixer to let him know that they were in possession of the Truck and its contents.

“You guys see that red car with the yellow decal – there were two men in it?”

“No why?”

“They were staring at me - and not the “I’m a little curious stare” – more like “I see you and know you stare,” Jynx answered. Bull and Riddle looked at her staying silent until Riddle started laughing.

“What was that explanation?” he laughed even harder. Jynx smacked him in the back of the head.

“Owww,” he yelped as he held the back of his head.

“You think we were being watched?” Bull asked ignoring Riddle.

“Yea,” Jynx nodded.

“I didn’t see anything.”

“I was focused on my work – Though I might have caught something on the cameras, we could check the video,” Riddle added after calming down.

“There was a group of 4 people standing on the corner of my intersection, they were there for a while. They moved when that car you’re talking about went by,” Boston told them as he put his agent away. “Not sure if there’s any correlation.”

“Well for now there’s nothing we can do about it. Did you get the info we need?” Jynx asked him.

“Yup, have the address right here. I told him we would be there in two days. That will give the paint crew time to do their job. Riddle can you go over the truck with Jynx and take out any tracking devices.”

“If she doesn’t hit me again,” Riddle joked. Jynx rolled her eyes at him and moved back toward the truck. They got to work on the truck. It took about an hour, and only found one tracker, which Riddle destroyed with ease. Once that was done, the group sat down and started playing a round of poker as they munched on the snacks Boston had stored here. The warehouse actually belonged to Boston, though it was under a pseudonym. He kept the small necessities here along with a few hidden extras, but not much more than that because he rarely came here.

The large bell that acted as a doorbell rang twice, long and hard. Boston got up and checked the camera feed from the door.

“Paint crew’s early. Not that I’m complaining,” he said as he went to the door and opened it. The others kept their eyes on their cards. Boston came back while talking to one of the crew, while the rest started setting up.

“Color don’t really matter as long as the truck don’t look the same,” he told the guy who nodded and said they would get to work.

Boston came back to the table and went to grab his beer when the first gun went off. Boston fell forward with a grunt. The others scrambled to their feet and grabbed their own guns, but they realized they were outnumbered.

“RUN!” Bull yelled. Riddle ran through the door that was closest to them while Jynx activated her speedware, she flipped the old table onto its side to protect herself, and started to return fire as Bull leapt forward grabbing Boston and dragged him through the door that Riddle had gone through. Jynx continued to fire until Bull came back out and grabbed her around the waist and pulled her into the store room. He slammed the door shut and put his back to it.

“Jynx, enough! We’ll get revenge later. I need you to help me barricade this door,” Bull yelled at Jynx. She fought against him, but he held her in place until she stopped fighting. Jynx finally nodded and ran over to bring things that could be used to barricade the door.

Riddle was over Boston checking the bullet wounds. “Oh…thank fuck he had his bulletproof vest on. Though that shoulder is gonna need a looking at. Bullet might still be in there.”

“He’s not the only one,” Bull pointed to Riddle’s arm. Riddle looked at his left arm and frowned.

“Just a scratch,” Riddle answered, he sat beside the side wall and pulled out his computer and jacked into the buildings system.

“Owww,” Boston started to move. “Fuck that hurt.” When he tried using his right arm he cursed again. “That still hurts.”

“At least you’re alive,” Bull told Boston as he and Jynx helped him up. Boston pulled out a fist aid kit from one of the shelving units. Bull opened it and helped Boston wrap up his shoulder. Bull turned back to look at Jynx, “Your leg’s bleeding.”

“You got a scratch on the neck,” Jynx snickered, poking his neck. She took a look at her lower leg. “Oh, that’s gonna need stitches.” Bull wrapped up Jynx’s leg as Riddle came closer to them.

“There’s no one in the next room,” Riddle told them as he checked the cameras. He got the metal door open and they moved into that room, just as the first door exploded inward. Debris hit them as they ducked into the room and Riddle shut the metal door and locked it electronically.

“That should keep them for a little while longer,” he told them as they moved farther into the room.

A voice came over the intercoms of the warehouse. “Testing…testing…is this working?” The group froze and looked at each other.

“Ok, first I want to thank you for being so generous in bringing the truck here for me,” the voice told them. “It was quite the impressive plan. I hope the pay is just as rewarding, though seeing you all humiliated is payment enough. That’s if you aren’t dead. Kill them!”


“How the fuck?” Riddle asked as he unplugged his deck and came closer to the others. “Wait…” he opened up his cyberdeck once more and took Boston’s agent.

“Someone hacked into your agent,” Riddle muttered.

“Oh he is dead,” Boston cocked his gun. Suddenly the metal door slammed open bullets started raining down on them. The group ducked behind cover but not before Riddle’s deck got a new hole in it and Bull got clipped in the leg twice.

“Riddle I thought you had those doors locked!” Jynx yelled over the gun fire. She ducked behind a cement divider wall.

“I DID – I’m not the only netrunner you know!” Riddle yelled back from his hiding spot behind some thick wood crates. He shoved the broken deck and Boston’s phone into a bag and slung it over his shoulder.

“Where the fuck did this Marv get all his minions,” Boston bitched as he came up beside Riddle.

“Maybe the fucker is more charismatic when he isn’t surrounded by 3 7ft tall guys and a gun at his crotch,” Riddle answered.

“I don’t care what he has – I’m gonna put a bullet between his eyes when I find the fucker,” Jynx bitched.

“First we need to get out of here,” Bull told them from his position behind a crate farther back. “We’re fucked if we stay here.”

“No Really!”

“Nice deduction Sherlock!”

“Where do you want us to go!?”

This was yelled all at once by the other three. Bull rolled his eyes and sighed and pointed to the door behind them that was hidden by another stack of crates. The other 3 looked at the door, and suddenly they all looked embarrassed.

“I knew it was there!” Boston bitched, but the glare from Bull had him moving toward the door without another word.

“I mean, it’ll be easier then…”Riddle didn’t finish his sentence, and pointed to the front where all the gunmen were, then crawled on all fours toward the door.

Jynx looked at Bull who stared back. Jynx sighed and moved first.

They made it back to Riddle’s apartment after two hours of running around and hiding. Marv’s men had been determined to get them. After trying to convince each other not to dive in head first and get themselves killed, they were all seated in the living room with two 24 packs worth of beer cans sitting empty on the coffee table along with five empty pizza boxes.

“I’m gonna put a bullet through his head,” Jynx muttered.

“You been saying that for the past 3 hours,” Boston answered as he checked the work his doctor friend had done. Jynx looked at him and gave him the finger. Boston stuck his tongue out at her.

“Will you children stop!? He made a fool of all of us,” Bull commented, meaning he wanted him dead too. “Can we get in touch with your fixer and try and salvage this mission?”

“I’ll talk to him, but honestly we could just do as our enemy has done onto us and collect his pay day once he delivers the load. I’ll arrange things with my fixer. And we make sure Marv gets the address and does the delivery while being none the wiser and then we collect,” Boston answered. He looked at Riddle.

“Sure, it’s going to take some work. But let’s be honest, that’s not all we want to do to him,” Riddle answered. The smiles he got from the other three made him happy that he was part of the team and not an enemy.

“Right then,” Riddle got up and stretched and walked over to his set up. “Let’s see what I got to work with.”

“While he does that I’m going to call mister fixer,” Boston he got up and walked out onto the balcony.

“Jynx, you good?” Bull asked as he grabbed another piece of pizza.

“Hmm? Yea I’m good, just tired. I ate too much,” Jynx listened to Riddle’s typing it was making her sleepy. She laid down taking up the couch completely and fell asleep, there wasn’t much she could do anyway.

True to his word Riddle spent the next few days organizing things so that Marv delivered the load and collected the money. Said money then mysteriously disappeared from Marv’s accounts and was then transferred into their accounts. Riddle made sure the stolen truck was blamed on Marv and his crew. From there Riddle started ruining Marv’s reputation with his business partners. In the meantime Boston, Bull and Jynx kept a low profile, waiting for the opportune time to strike. When the time came, they decided to play a little cat and mouse. Marv still had a few of his loyal goons with him but they weren’t any match for those hunting them.

Marv ran down the maze of alleyways, his men were following him, all of them on edge looking around trying to figure out where their hunters would appear.

It all had started slow, Marv and his group were at one of their hangouts. They knew Marv was the type to send out his goons but he would rarely go out himself. They had to make him come out. The power in the building began to flicker, while any screen in the room broadcasted all kinds of screeching noises. No matter what they did they couldn’t turn it off or change it. Then the fire alarm went off and loud music started blaring out of the old intercom system the building had. The cacophony of sound and flickering lights finally forced the man out of the building.

They went to get their vehicles, but all of them were either missing tires or were not there at all. Marv cursed in multiple languages and told his men they would move on foot. They started walking at first, everything seemed to go back to normal but then the street lights began to flash on and off. Marv asked his men to call back up, but when they tried to call no one could get through. Their agents shut down one after the other and wouldn’t turn back on. Marv knew something was up, he decided to keep moving, but his pace accelerated. They took the shortcuts they knew by heart, hoping to cut the travel time but that’s when men started to disappear. At first it was silent. The only sound was a whoosh of air. The second to last man would turn to find that his coworker was suddenly gone, but then the screaming started and everyone flew into a panic.

Another man at the back suddenly screamed and disappeared into the darkness. Some of the men at the back started to run faster and pushed others out of their way but just as one got to the front, a hand reached out and a meat cleaver separated his head from his body. Those that were left scrambled to a halt and turned left down another alleyway. Marv pushed his way through them and got ahead of the group. More screams were heard, but he didn’t turn back. One of his men tripped and fell, Marv ran over him and kept going.

“Boss – help me. BOSS!!” one of the men screamed.

“If you are loyal to me – you will die for me, your leader,” Marv yelled back as he continued to run down the alley. He went past two more intersections before turning right once more and came to a stop, and glued himself to a wall. He felt like he was being watched, but when he finally looked back there was no one there. All of his men were gone too.

“Shit. Shit. Shit,” he cursed as he pulled out his agent and tried to get it to turn on again, but it was to no avail.

Marv turned back and went to keep going, but he realized that he had turned into a dead end. He started to back out, but a shot rang out and hit an inch from his foot, forcing him back into the dead end. Marv took out his guns and started looking for the shooter but there were too many nooks and crannies in which they could hide.

“Hey Marv,” Boston’s voice came from just behind his right ear. Marv turned and shot, but there was no one there. He could have sworn the voice had come from right beside him.

“Oh that wasn’t nice.” This time the voice came from the left. Marv turned to shoot again but Boston grabbed his wrist and slammed his elbow upwards breaking it. Marv screamed out in pain dropping his gun and backing away from the larger man. He lifted his other gun to shoot but another shot rang out blasting the gun out of his hand.

“You bastard,” Marv cursed as sweat started to gather on his brow from the pain.

“You’re one to talk. Sacrificing all those loyal men for your own miserable life,” Boston took a step forward which forced Marv back. Bull walked up beside Boston and crossed his arms. Riddle appeared coming from the other side.

“Thought you could fuck with us, didn’t you?” Bull said quietly. “You pushed your luck too far this time.”

Marv straightened up and looked at the three men. “The one you should be blaming is the one you work with, she should know her place. If it wasn’t for her we’d all be minding our own business. Where is she? Where’s the bitch?”

Boston took a step forward, but Bull stopped him with a hand on his shoulder.

“Too chicken shit to face me yourself,” Marv yelled out as he turned and looked around.

“Oh I’m right here,” Jynx jumped from the fire escape and landed in front of Marv. “What’s that about being chicken shit?”

“You let the men do the work and then prey on the target when they are weak,” Marv spat as he pointed to his arm. “Typical woman.”

“Man, you got issues. Mama hurt you when you were young, boy?” Riddle cut in.

Marv turned and cursed at him but he quickly turned back to stare at Jynx. Jynx looked at Marv’s gun and kicked it over to him.

“Well then go on boy, pick it up?” she smiled at him. She put her handgun down on the ground and backed away.

“What she doing now?” Riddle muttered under his breath.

“She’s having her fun,” Boston answered.

“You want fair – you get a free shot,” Jynx backed up a little farther and spread her arms open. She started laughing, but suddenly stopped, her eyes fixing on Marv. “Don’t miss.”

Marv looked at the gun Jynx had put on the ground and up at Jynx who was glaring at him with a manic smile. Marv looked at the gun in his hand, he lifted it up and shot at Jynx. The bullet hit the wall just left of her head. Jynx pulled out her second handgun and shot Marv between the eyes.

“I told you not to miss,” Jynx said, she started laughing again as she walked back toward the boys. “Ah I feel alive!”

“Jynx knock it off,” Bull rolled his eyes.

“Ah,” she stopped laughing. “Sorry.” She picked up her other handgun and put them away.

“Well that’s done,” Boston sighed and dusted himself off.

“Where are all his cronies?” Riddle asked.

“Oh we tied them up altogether – they’ll have headaches in the morning,” Boston told him. “There’s just the one that I beheaded – but he was up there with Marv in terms of being an asshole.”

“So, what do we do next?” Riddle asked as they walked away.

“I’m hungry,” Jynx answered.

“Pizza?” Bull asked.

“Nah,” Riddle shook his head, “Fried Chicken and beer.”

“Oh, I like the sound of that,” Boston chimed in.

“Deal,” Jynx smiled.

2 am...

Author: Rynn
Editing by: Simon

Jynx whined as she turned over onto her back, she was breathing hard as the nightmare continued. As she ran through the night all she could see was the hand she was holding that belonged to the shadowed body of her mother, and the flashing lights that reflected in the dust and smoke that hid the rest of her surroundings. The cacophony of noise filled her ears – it was a mix of revving motors, screams, crunching metal and gunshots. She suddenly lost her grip on her mother’s hand when she tripped on a piece of metal, she tried to call out to her but it seemed as though her voice couldn’t escape her throat. Suddenly the hand came back and grabbed her wrist, Jynx cried out from the pain of the grip that held her. She tried to pry the hand off but when she looked up the face that stared back at her was not her mother’s but her uncle who was holding her parents severed heads.

“Your next.” His voice rasped out, as his head turned into the severed head that had been left on her doorstep. He opened his mouth as the head grew larger and larger until it tried to swallow her whole.

Jynx suddenly woke up with a scream, though in a half daze, she went to jump out of her bed but her ankle got stuck in her blankets and she ended up face planting onto the floor. Jynx groaned as she stayed sprawled on the floor, the hit had woken her up though she was still getting flashes from the dream. She turned on to her back and let the cold from the floor seep into it. As the cold brought her back to reality her breathing calmed down. Jynx looked at the clock on her agent. It was 2 am.

“Ah fuck my life.” She muttered as she stared at the ceiling. For once she had managed to fall asleep at a decent hour. After a few minutes she pulled her foot out of the blankets and sat up. Her eyes caught the old shoebox that she kept under her bed. Jynx sat beside her bed she pulled her blankets around her and pulled out the box. She laid its contents out and looked at each one. Finally she picked up the pieces of paper and read them. They were print outs of the articles she had found on her family. Jynx looked at the headlines:

“Warden Family Dead.”

“Massacre of Nomad Family.”

“Outcast survives Family.”

“The outcast is the one who did it.” She muttered. This last one bothered her the most, she frowned as she read the article that had no real info. It only repeated what rumors the media had heard and said the cops were investigating what had happened. But the truth was the cops had been paid to write it off as a raider attack. When she was younger she had wanted to fight everyone and tell them it wasn’t true, more than once she had come home with bruises and, a few rare times, broken bones. Her cousin had finally convinced her that the way she was doing things would only get her killed. It was better to wait; build a base of people who could help her and gather money, and when everything was in place take care of things by herself – as a nomad should.

She threw the paper back into the box and pulled out a picture. It was a group picture of the whole pack, she remembered all the faces but some names were starting to get hazy. She took out another picture it was her and her parents. She missed them a lot, she knew she missed them but the sadness that was once there seemed far away, she felt disconnected from it, the feeling she felt now she would describe as anger, selfishness, disappointment in herself but she wasn’t even sure about these feelings.

“Sorry…I should do better,” she said to the picture. She stared at it another minute and then put it away. She pulled out some other papers, it was the legal papers of the Warden Company, which had started in 2010. The papers were probably useless at this time but she liked looking at the signatures and the stamps. She pulled out another paper, it had a bunch of pictures of different people, a lot of them had a red X over their picture. Her uncle and a few others were still clear of the red X. She sighed and put it away.

She had little keepsakes and knickknacks; the picture from Emily. An old fashioned key her cousin had found. An old toy motorcycle. Her first set of dice and cards that her second Uncle had given to her when he started to teach her to play cards and roll dice. She called him Second Uncle because he wasn’t actually related by blood but a close friend of the family. She rolled the dice around in her hand and smiled, she was back in the musty room, with the creaky wood table, she could smell the cigarette smoke and alcohol. She remembered the first game she won. Jynx played with the dice rolling them on the floor a few times. She finally put them back into the box with the rest of her things and slid it back into its place under her bed. She let her head drop to the bed and stared at the ceiling, letting her thoughts drift. Jynx realized her neck was starting to hurt she lifted her head up and looked at the clock on her agent. 4 am…

“Oops.” She muttered to herself. It wasn’t the first time she had zoned out like that but she was feeling tired again. She climbed into her bed and pulled the blankets tight around her and fell back asleep.

Caravan Run

Author: Rynn
Editing by: Simon

Part 1

The Bronze Wolves had put out a call to a few groups of nomads that they knew and trusted. It was a last minute call because the caravan they had been hired to escort had gone from the original 7 vehicles to the 15 they were now. Splitting the cash at the end was better than not getting paid at all, hence the call for extra help. The Harpies answered while Jynx got a call from Mikey, he was calling in the favor she owed him. Everyone came together to plan the route they would be taking, and organizing everyone’s tasks. Turned out the caravan was a good size, with 60 people total. There was going to be two destinations Tucson, AZ and Oklahoma City.

“If we stick to the highway until here”, Mikey pointed to the first stop, “it'll be easy going for all of us. The statics can drive their rigs.”

“After that we might need to switch up a few of us to drive the bigger vehicles for this part here. Our vehicles that aren’t being used will get loaded into Ben's truck. Reason being there’s a new raider spot that showed up here.” Mikey pointed to Mesa Verde. “I heard that Creeks and her gang are taking care of them but I’d rather just go around the long way especially with a caravan that’s this big. This bypass will bring us to our first rest stop. We could push to Tucson but I think everyone will have had their fill and need to rest. After that it’s a pretty straight line to Oklahoma, the second rest stop is just outside Amarillo. I’m figuring four days of travel.”

Danvers looked at her group who nodded in silent approval. “Sounds good. What time we picking them up?”

“Tomorrow 6 am. We check everything and start rolling at 7.”

“Jynx.” Danvers called to her but Jynx didn’t answer. Jynx had been listening but her focus was on the map, comparing what she had memorized in her head and what was on the table.

“Hey Jynx.” Danvers called out to her again.

Jynx’s head snapped up realizing that everyone was staring at her. “Sorry?”

“Are you good with the plan? Do you want to add anything?”

“I’m good, but if we’re planning to go this way.” She pointed to the detour, “Let’s make sure to have some extra fuel packed away, last time I went through here the gas station wasn’t working anymore, the tanks are empty. The next place to gas is here.” She pointed to Vicksburg. “That’s if it’s still working.”

“Right good to know.” Mikey motioned to one of his people who nodded and left.

“If there’s nothing else, let's all rest up and meet tomorrow morning.” Mikey said ending the meeting. Everyone went their separate ways and started prepping for the trip.

The next morning the nomads were at the rendezvous point and ready to go by 5:30. Some of the vehicles for the caravan had been parked on site the night before, and the man who had hired the nomads was there, supervising. Over the next half hour the rest of the vehicles pulled in and lined up. Jynx and the others then inspected the vehicles and took note of how many people were in each vehicle.

As Jynx made note on a pad of paper she could hear one of the kids talking to her mom. The little girl was staring at Jynx.

“We're gonna be ok, right mommy?” She asked. The girl’s mom looked at Jynx and turned to her daughter.

“We'll be fine, honey. This lady and the other nomads will keep us safe.” She said softly.

Jynx finished her note and after taking a picture of it in her agent she stuck the paper on the dash of the vehicle. She told the man who was at the wheel to keep it there. She leaned in so the kid could see her better. The little girl had brown hair braided in two braids and green eyes, the orange shirt she wore looked a little big on her but a belt kept it in place. Her dark brown pants were scuffed at the knees and one of her boots was untied.
“You'll be safe. Just follow what we tell you and you'll be fine.” Jynx commented and smiled to the child. The little girl seemed unsure but she nodded. Just before Jynx could move away the little girl spoke up again.

“What’s your name?” the little girl asked.

Jynx bent back down so they could see each other properly. “My name is Jynx. What’s yours?”


“That’s a pretty name Emily.” Jynx smiled, “I gotta go. Be good.” Jynx nodded to the adults and left, she could hear the little girl talking to her brother and sister. “Her name is Jynx. That’s a weird name, I like it.”
Jynx walked up the line of vehicles and stopped beside Danvers who was talking to an old man who was beside his 53 ft. truck. Jynx asked Danvers what the problem was.
“No problem, per say. Just the weights on the papers aren’t matching. It’s barely 100 lbs. difference, probably a glitch.” Danvers showed Jynx the papers. Jynx took the papers and read what was on the truck and looked at the weights. The difference in weight was on the front axle.

“You got a seal on that truck?” she asked the old man, who shook his head.

“Mind if I take a look? Mr.?”

“Thompson, Go ahead Missy,” the old man led the two nomads to the back of the truck and opened up the trailer. Jynx climbed in and used a flash light to look around. There wasn’t anything that stuck out to her, everything looked like it should be there, though one of the palettes seemed to be pushed up against another near the front. She came back to the open door and jumped out of the trailer.

“Looks like one of the palettes must have shifted between weigh times. It honestly won’t be a problem for the truck. I wouldn’t worry about it.” Jynx told them.

“Ok, then we’re good.” Danvers gave the papers back to Mr. Thompson. The old man thanked them and closed the truck back up.

The nomads held one last minute meeting and then spread out surrounding the caravan. They moved out at exactly 7 am, hitting the deserted highway. Jynx was excited and somewhat nostalgic to be out on the road doing the job she knew best.

The first part of the trip was uneventful, the highway had been clear the whole time. The weather cooperated and the statics did what they were told. It was a nice smooth start. Jynx stayed out with the other outriders ready to defend the caravan if needed.

They took a break at Desert Station, which was the start of the bypass they had planned. As soon as she was parked Jynx pulled her googles off and took her scarf off giving it a shake, there wasn’t too much sand blowing around but it did collect after a few hours of riding.

“Going to take a look around.” She told Danvers.

“Sure. Give a shout if you see something.” Danvers answered getting off her own bike.
Jynx nodded and started walking toward the dilapidated buildings. She looked around making sure there wasn’t anyone hiding in the buildings but everything was empty. One of the buildings still looked in decent shape she recognized it from the last time she had come through with the Doll. A good spot to hunker down if the need arose, Jynx radioed in the info to Mikey. She moved on and came up on the only gas station the town had and checked the gas pumps. She would have laughed at herself if by the off chance she had been mistaken but the pumps were dry.

On her return lunch was being passed around. The statics kept to themselves while the nomads who weren’t on duty were in their own small circle. Jynx grabbed a sandwich and went back to her bike. She rolled outside the circle of vehicles and parked where she had a good view of their surroundings. She pulled out her scope and took a look around but everything seemed clear. She finished her sandwich and chugged down a bottle of water. She could hear the people behind her talking and laughing, while the children of the statics ran around cheering and yelling at each other. Jynx spotted Emily and her siblings running around with the others playing what looked like tag. It made her remember when she and her cousins used to run around when her family was stopped for the night. Jynx crossed her arms and closed her eyes figuring it was the best time to cat nap a bit but the peace didn’t last.

“Calling in.” a voice of the Bronze wolves came over the comms. “We got a problem.”

“Report.” Mikey’s voice responded.

“Looks like Raiders. 6 cars. Coming toward us from the north west.”

“How long till they are here?”

“15 minutes.”

The Nomads burst into action. An alarm went off warning the statics to get back to their vehicles. The Nomads helped guide them keeping things from becoming chaotic. When everyone was placed the caravan begun to move out. Automatic turrets that were on the nomad vehicles were activated, they placed these vehicles on the North West side so that if the raiders came close enough the nomads would be between them and the caravan.

Jynx and the other outriders that were at camp took off toward the direction of the raiders to give back up to the scouts. By the time they reached them the scouts were already engaged with the raiders. Gun shots rang out, missiles flew through the air, and engines roared as their drivers pushed them to their limits. The Bronze wolves shot at the vehicles while zigzagging around to avoid being a target themselves. One of the raider’s vehicles, a large truck, plowed through the nomad vehicle that got in their way. They pushed through the pack and continued moving in the direction of the caravan.

“I got the truck.” Jynx radioed in. She changed direction and headed toward the truck. She activated her speed ware and the Nos system on her bike, as she flattened herself on her bike to make it more aero dynamic. Everything seemed to slow down for her as she caught up to the truck. The three raiders that were in the back of the truck shot at her but the bullets ricocheted off the bullet proof glass or missed completely. Jynx locked her front wheel and lined up her sniper. She had a direct line at the driver. Her shot rang out and blood suddenly covered the inside of the windshield. The truck stayed true to its course for another second until it slammed into a boulder and veered onto its side the raiders that were standing in the box were sent flying. Jynx unlocked her wheel and pulled left as she went around the boulder. She came back into view of the truck, the bodies of the raiders were laying on the ground. She came in closer, pulling out her handgun she finished the job.

The call came in that the other raiders had been taken care of. Jynx radioed in and said the truck had been dealt with. Mikey gave the All Clear and called for the caravan to come to a stop. They would be waiting for the outriders and scouts to catch up. Jynx rejoined the group to head back together. She was happy to see that no one of their side was dead though there were some scrapes and bruises. One of the 4 wheelers was in bad shape but it was nothing that couldn’t be repaired.

“Hey Jynx your arms bleeding.” Jenny, one of the wolves pointed out as they drove back. Jynx looked at her arm, a stray bullet had ripped the skin but it wasn’t deep.

“Well shit.” Jynx poked at it, “ah well it’s just a scratch. I’ll be alright.” She pulled out a bandage from a compartment from her bike and wrapped it around the wound and tied it tight.

“Ben has med supplies he’ll be able to clean it up for you.” Jenny told her.

“That would be appreciated,” Jynx answered.

“People, we have a problem.” Danvers voice came over the comms. “We’re missing a kid, we can’t find her anywhere.”

“What she look like?” Jenny asked. “Where did we last see her?”

Danvers described the little girl, Jynx recognized the description, it was Emily who was missing.

“Last time we saw her was at the desert center.”

“Jenny and I will go back to the desert center.” Jynx answered.

Tory leaned out the window of the jeep, “We’ll all go.”

“I rather everyone get back to the caravan. We’ll be faster if it’s just the two of us.” Jynx shook her head.

“Jynx is right, we’ll be faster.” Jenny agreed with Jynx.

“Alright. Be safe.” Tory sighed.

Jenny and Jynx turned and changed direction heading back to the desert center. 20 minutes later they pulled in and started calling out for the little girl. But when there was no answer they split up and started searching the area, Jynx opened the door to one of the buildings. She lifted her flash light and looked around.

“Emily!” she called out. She walked through a doorway and shown her light into the kitchen, she came up on some shelving and there she saw a small boot which moved when the light hit it. Jynx walked up slowly and came upon Emily who was covering her head with her hands and crying silently. Jynx suddenly got a flashback seeing herself where Emily was. She too had hidden away once when she was really young. She remembered how scared she was.

“Hey Emily.” Jynx said softly as she kneeled beside the child, “Its ok. You’re safe now.”

“Jynx.” Emily lifted her head and looked at Jynx. She suddenly was up and hugging Jynx. “I’m scared. Where’s my mommy?” Jynx hugged her back and patted her on the back softly as Emily started crying harder.

“Jenny, I got her.” Jynx radioed to Jenny, “Its ok Emily, I know it’s scary. Your mom and everyone else are waiting for you at the caravan.” Jynx lifted her up and started making her way out of the building. Jenny met up with her at the door. Jynx let her know that the little girl was alright just frightened. Jenny patted Emily and reassured her as Jynx had done. They went back to the bikes, when Jynx went to climb on to her bike Emily didn’t want to let go. Jenny laughed at Jynx’s perplexed face.

“Emily, don’t worry you’ll be riding with Jynx but she needs you to let go of her neck.” Jenny told the little girl as she petted her hair.

“I’m not leaving you here.” Jynx told her. Emily looked at both of them and nodded finally letting go of her death grip around Jynx’s neck. Jenny took her in her arms letting Jynx climb onto her bike and get settled. Jynx sat Emily in front of her while Jenny pulled out her jacket and a hat and dressed Emily up to protect her from the wind and sand. Jenny suggested tying Emily to her to which Jynx agreed. Jenny took out a long strap and wrapped it around Jynx and the kid.

“Emily have you ever ridden on a motorcycle?”


“Ok, well it’s a lot of fun. It goes really fast but you’re safe with me, you won’t fall.” Jynx smiled to her, Emily looked up at her and nodded. “All I need you to do is keep your hands here, if somethings wrong just lift your hand up. Ok?” The little girl put her hands down on the bike and nodded. Jenny came up beside them as Jynx turned her bike on.

“Alright here we go.”

They arrived at the caravan to cheers from everyone that was there. Emily’s mom cried as Jynx handed her daughter over to her. Emily’s father thanked Jynx and Jenny and then the small family went back to their vehicle.

Now that everyone was together Mikey held a quick meeting, Ben cleaned and bandaged Jynx’s wound as they listened to the leader talk. Mikey said he was happy with how successful they were in protecting the caravan, and the added bonus of not losing anyone made him proud. The Nomads also decided to switch out 3 drivers, as they were supposed to do at the desert center. They were coming up to the part of the bypass that wasn’t overly bad but had fallen into disuse. There were spots that needed a little more finesse to navigate than usual and they were going to be driving through most of it in the dark.

“Jenny, Noah mind driving the two campers.” The two he named agreed. “Now for the big rig… Danvers anyone in your group know how to drive a truck?” Mikey looked to the girls.

“It’s a double stick shift, unfortunately we don’t but Jynx, you know how right?”

“I got it.” Jynx held up a hand.

“Ok then, we’re set. You three bring your bikes to Ben’s truck please.” Mikey told them.

Ben pulled open the back of his 53 ft. truck, he lowered the tailgate lift. “Bring her in.” he motioned to Jenny first. She drove her bike up onto the tailgate and then helped Ben set it in the racking that was inside the trailer. Once it was locked in Ben pulled out a pad and the racking came to life, lifting the bike up to the top of the trailer and putting it into place beside two other bikes. Noah was next and then Jynx brought hers in. Ben took a look at her bike as she got off.

“This a Racer or a long distance?!” he asked as they locked it into place.

“Uhmm, neither really. I mean it started as a long distance. I’ve just modified it so much that it looks like a Racer and moves like one but it has the comfort of a long distance. You could call it a hybrid.” Jynx answered.

“I’d love to see the insides of it. I’m curious about what you’ve done.” Ben seemed impressed.

“When we have a minute I can show you.” Jynx nodded.

“That would be great.” Ben smiled, he tapped on the pad and Jynx watched her bike be lifted into place with the rest.

After a last minute checkup the caravan was on the move once more. They set a good pace, it was slower but steady. As they drove the sun got lower and lower until it was pitch black out. All that could be seen was the headlights of the vehicles.

Jynx watched the road as she drove the big rig, the old man who owned the rig was in the passenger’s seat, he had watched her like a hawk for the first hour and asked her a hundred questions but now he was dead asleep snoring away. His wife was in the back reading a book with a flashlight. Jynx had been surprised that an older couple had decided to move out, she learned through some small talk that the reason they were moving was to join the rest of their family in Oklahoma. Mrs. Devron pointed out that they were obviously, getting older and they decided now was the time to move before they couldn’t.

“This is Mikey checking in, everything good?” Mikey’s voice came over the comms. Everyone called in reporting that things were good. Jynx unclipped the CB and radioed in.

“This is Jynx, everything ok.” she clipped it back in its place and took a peak at her passengers. “You ok Mrs. Devron?”

“I’m fine dear, don’t you worry about me.” The older lady looked up from her book and gave Jynx a smile. “Do you need a drink or something to eat?”

“I’m fine for now, thank you.” Jynx answered. They went back to the amiable silence.

As they approached their first stop the scouts went on a head and checked the rest stop they were going to use. A half hour later the call came in that the coast was clear. The caravan came up to the rest stop where the scouts had been waiting, they directed the vehicles into place one by one. Jynx parked the big rig in place and turned the motor off. Mr. Devron woke up with a start.

“Why ain’t she running?” he yelled sitting up straight in his seat.

“Joseph!” Mrs. Devron shushed him.

Jynx looked at him and snickered. “We’re at the first stop Mr. Devron.” she held out the keys to the man who took them, “I suggest walking around a bit, loosen up those limbs. We have a couple more days like this. Though I’m sure you know this, since you’re a truck driver.”

“I know what to do –“Mr. Devron started saying but the Mrs. cut him off with a slap on the shoulder.

“Thank you, Jynx,” Mrs. Devron. Jynx smiled at her and gave her a small salute and got out of the truck.

Jynx headed toward where the other nomads were. Mikey called a meeting, the nomads split into three groups for the night patrols. One of the Wolves, Luke, had a supper ready for the first patrol shift. They ate and were already out patrolling while everyone else set things up for the group supper. It was a simple but hearty meal, made from fresh food. After the cleanup was done the statics went to bed, only a few were moving about. Danvers was out with her girls as the part of the first patrol. Jynx was with the second group, she went and got her bike and brought it closer to the camp fire where the rest of her group was positioned. She kept her bike facing outward as her father had taught her, ready for anything. She planted her feet into the sand and laid down on top of her bike getting comfortable. Jynx wasn’t ready to sleep yet though, by her time it was too early and she never really did sleep while escorting a caravan, at most she cat napped and kept herself alert with drugs. So with nothing better to do, she took in what was happening around her. Some of her teammates were organizing their vehicles, some were already sleeping. Some of the statics were reorganizing their things. Mrs. Devron came round with some fresh coffee and biscuits which Jynx gladly accepted.

A while later she did manage to cat nap a bit. There was even a point she was sure she had fallen asleep, which was rare. The call for guard change came in. Jynx’s bike roared to life and she followed the others out into the open. They patrolled in a wide circle around the caravan. At one point she had found a nice patch of high ground and stopped for a second, she used her scope to survey the land all around the caravan. Everything was dark, there were no signs of danger anywhere. She lowered her scope and stared up into the open sky. The stars were beautiful especially out here. Living in the city she had forgotten how much she loved to look at the shinning lights.

“Bree calling Jynx: Hey Jynx you good? Your GPS is showing you’re not moving.”

“Jynx here, I’m fine. I found some high ground. Just checking things through my scope.”

“Ok cool. Bree out.”

Jynx put her gun back in its spot and took off following the route they had planned out.

The rest of their shift went well, they couldn’t have hoped for better than that. Jynx and her group came back as the third guard shift rolled out into the dark. Jynx parked her bike in the same fashion she had before and cat napped some more.

The sun was soon raising over the caravan. People were starting to move around. Breakfast was prepared and served. While everyone ate the sound of vehicles approaching could be heard.

The scouts radioed in that it was 4 people, two on bikes and two in a car. They weren’t raiders, they had the flag of the Steelflag pack. When Jynx heard the name she drove her bike to the west side of the caravan joining Mikey and Danvers. Mikey had ordered the statics to go back to their vehicles and wait for instructions. The rest of his pack were to stay on stand by and not engage unless told to.

“What the hell are they doing out here?” Danvers asked as she stole a glance at Jynx. Jynx frowned at her and shook her head, she didn’t know any more than anyone else at the moment.

“Well, if they stop – which I’m kind of hoping they don’t - we’ll find out.” Mikey answered, he hadn’t missed the look Danvers had given Jynx. “You know them?”

“Yup,” Jynx nodded, “Long story.”

“Are they going to recognize you?” Mikey asked her.



The vehicles pulled up to the caravan. The man driving the car got out and hailed Mikey who greeted him back. The man looked over toward Jynx and Danvers and gave them a nod, but like Jynx had said, the man didn’t seem to know her. The man's attention turned back to Mikey.

“Don’t want to hold you up to long. I heard this caravan left from Morro. We’re looking for two girls who were in that area around the time you left and might be traveling this way. Wondering if you have seen or heard anything by chance?”

“Nope. Haven’t heard anything as of yet. This is news to us.” Mikey motioned to the few people around him. “We do a head count every day and have had no extras.”

The man seems to contemplate his answer and finally gave a slow nod.

“Mind if my associate and I take a look around. With an escort of course.” The man asked motioning to one of the bikers who got off his bike.

“With an escort.” Mikey agreed.

Mikey looked at Danvers and together they left with the two men. Jynx put a foot up on her bike and got comfortable to watch the last two Steelflag members. She pulled out her agent and went through the pictures on her list. She smiled to herself, two of the four men were on her list and they were right in front of her.

The two members looked at her but they stayed where they were and kept quiet. About 20 minutes later the two men came back with Mikey and Danvers.

“Thank you for your cooperation.” The man gave a curt nod to Mikey and got into the car. He waited for the man to get back on his bike and then they left.

“Well he stayed polite.” Danvers commented.

“He knew there were guns on him. He had better.” Mikey answered with a low laugh. “Well that’s done. Let’s get moving.”

After that, everything was packed away. The nomads held a small meeting, planning who would do what job today. One last check that the caravan was ready and everyone was accounted for, and they finally started moving.

Day 2:

They arrived in Tucson without a hitch, the road was in decent condition and the weather was once more on their side, so they made good time. The town was rows of mostly 1 story houses, with a few 2 story homes popping up every now and again, as they got closer to the city center it was marked by more 2 story buildings that housed different businesses. Watching a caravan of this size was always impressive to look at, it was a rare sight to see even though the town was used to seeing caravans. Kids ran to watch as the impromptu parade made its way to downtown. Adults stopped what they were doing to watch just as the kids had but where some watched in awe others watched with apprehension and fear. Caravan’s and Nomads could attract raiders and bring them down on the town. Jynx knew that this town was probably too big to be attacked but people were taught from young to be weary.

They convoy came to a stop beside a motel. The harpies pulled up beside Jynx, who was sitting on her bike munching on a snack watching Mikey and the leader of the statics going back and forth sorting through those who were stopping here and those who were continuing on the journey. Five vehicles and 21 people were staying behind while 2 new cars and 9 people were being added for the final leg of the journey.

“I never liked this part.” Jynx commented. “Too many papers to sign and people to count.”

“I don’t think any of us do.” Storm laughed. “They want to take off so fast, it’s hard to keep them here for five more minutes.”

“Gotta give it to Mikey, he handles his things well.” Prince added.

“It helps that the leader of those travelling has done this before. Mikey says this is the 5th time they’ve worked together.” Danvers told them.

“No wonder its going well.” Jynx snickered.

She saw Emily and her family. The little girl said something to her mom who nodded and watched her run toward Jynx and the harpies.

“Jynx!” the little girl called out as she came up beside Jynx.

“Emily. You shouldn’t run from your mom like that.” Jynx looked down at the little girl.

“It’s ok. She said I could.” Emily had a big grin. Though when she saw the harpies she seemed to get shy again.

“Alright then, what can I do for you?” Jynx asked.

The little girl looked at the bike and started to fidget.

“You want to sit on it?” Jynx asked her. Emily nodded and lifted her arms up. Jynx picked the girl up and had her sit on the bike. Emily looked at everything and asked a bunch of questions, now that she wasn’t scared, she was curious about the bike. Jynx answered her questions until Emily’s mom came and got her. She took Emily into her arms and smiled to the girls and thanked them. Before they left, Emily told her mom to wait.

“Here this is for you.” Emily pulled out a crumpled paper, and gave it to Jynx. Jynx opened it and saw a drawing of a person on what looked like her bike. “This is you and this is your bike, and this is me.” Emily pointed to the two stick figures.

“Well thank you, I’m going to keep this close.” Jynx told her. The little girl was beaming by then. Her mom thanked them again and left. Emily waved as they walked away. Jynx took the picture and folded it and put it in her inside pocket.

“Oh my god, what was that?” Danvers burst out laughing.

“What was what?” Jynx looked perplexed.

“You let the kid touch your bike. You never let anyone touch that bike.”

“Oh for – she’s just a kid”, Jynx rolled her eyes, “And I do let people touch my bike…just specific people.”

“I didn’t think you were that good with kids.” Prince commented.

“I’m hurt,” Jynx clasped her heart. “I might be a little…unhinged” She couldn’t figure out the words she wanted. “But it doesn’t mean I can’t deal with kids – sheesh.”

The harpies went wide eyed but then they burst out laughing. Jynx mock pretended to be hurt but she ended up laughing too.

An hour later once things were finalized the caravan started moving once more. They headed east toward their second rest stop, which was about 4 hours away. Clouds could be seen in the distance, a call came over the comms from Rina. The radar was showing heavy rain over the next part of the journey, but if they kept this heading it shouldn’t last more than an hour or two. By the time they would stop to rest they would be in the clear, unless the winds changed course. Jynx opened a compartment and pulled out her high collared rain jacket. She put it on as she drove and made sure the long flaps covered her legs. She would probably get soaked but the coat did protect from the sting of the rain hitting her.

They hit the rain about 20 minutes later and the caravan slowed down to accommodate the change in visibility. Though they ended up making a stop to switch out one driver who was having trouble, while another asked to be switched out. Mikey pulled most of the nomads who were on motorcycle. Jynx and two others stayed on their bikes, just in case, but the Wolves were pretty sure no one would feel like attacking a caravan in this shitty weather. At one point, everything slowed to a crawl. The terrain was flat, but it was hard to see even 6 ft. past the vehicles. The caravan stretched out so that there was plenty of room for everyone to drive safely. After two hours of slow but smooth going, the rain let up and the skies cleared to an evening sky that was slowly getting darker. They travelled for another hour before stopping at their second planned stop.

While supper was being made, those who had stayed on their motorcycles were allowed to use the showers in the campers to warm up. Jynx was finished washing up, she had changed into her spare clothes and hung up the wet ones to dry by the fire. She toweled off her bike, getting rid of the excess water that hadn’t dried yet and came to sit on one of the folding chairs. One of the wolves brought her some supper and a mug of steaming coffee. Jynx thanked him and started stuffing her face. Being cold had made her hungry, enough that she went back for seconds. She watched and listened to the people around her, it was interesting to see how well Mikey’s pack worked together. Her eyes did catch something though, a static was talking with their leader in a quiet voice but he was very animated. Jynx could read his lips from where she was, she didn’t need to hear him. A trick she had picked up as a child, and she was forever thankful for having it.

“Fuck.” Jynx cursed to herself. “Mikey.” She called over the comms.

“Mikey here.”

“Mind coming to see me.” Jynx asked. A few of his teammates turned to look at her but she motioned to them not to worry.

“On my way.” Mikey answered.
Jynx stood up from the chair and went to her bike, she grabbed her sniper by the strap and hung it on her shoulder. Mikey showed up beside her a minute later.

“What’s wrong?”

“Stowaway. Maybe two. I have a feeling it’s the two the Steelflag guys were talking about.” Jynx said in a low voice.

To be continued...